DoDo - Task Management for Hackers

Dodo is an easily maintainable task list for version controlled projects and hackers. We can call dodo a ticket tracking inside the repo itself. Tasks are called as DoDo, and your goal is to make DoDos extinct.

In the latest version, username is automatically populated from the system username if not passed explicitly. And the usage flow has been stripped down so as to take the ease of use to the next level

Getting Started

pip install dodopie
# use sudo if you want to install dodo globally
# sudo pip install dodopie


dodo init

dodo init -f [dodo filename]

Basic WorkFlow

dodo add "New Task"  # add a new DoDo
dodo l  # list all dodo tasks
> ID    Status      Date(-t)        Owner(-u)       Description (-d)
> 1     [+]         1 minute ago    (atm)           New Task
dodo workon 1  # mark DoDo #1 as working on
dodo finish 1  # mark DoDo #1 as finished
dodo l
> ID    Status      Date(-t)        Owner(-u)       Description (-d)
> 1     [.]         1 minute ago    (atm)           New Task

Detailed Documentation

List all Tasks

dodo l

Propose a new Task

# simple version
dodo add "This is a new task"

# verbose version
dodo c -u atmb4u -d "dodo new version"
dodo add -u atmb4u -d "dodo new version"
dodo propose -u atmb4u -d "dodo new version"

Accept a Tasks

# simple version
dodo accept 2

# verbose version

dodo accept --id 2 -u atmb4u -d "dodo new version"

Reject a proposed Tasks

# simple version
dodo reject 2

# verbose version
dodo reject --id 2 -u atmb4u

Work on a new Tasks

# simple version
dodo workon 2

# verbose version
dodo workon --id 2 -u atmb4u

Mark a task as Finished

# simple version
dodo finish 1

# verbose version
dodo finish --id 1 -u atmb4u -d "dodo new version"

Remove a Task

dodo remove 1

Export Tasks

dodo export -o filename.json
# will export all the tasks to filename.json

dodo export
# will print all the tasks in json format

Import Tasks

dodo import -i filename.json
# will import all the tasks from filename.json

Sample Input File Format: [{"id":1, "description":"Read Docs Now", "entry":"20150405T020324Z",
"status":"pending", "uuid":"1ac1893d-db66-40d7-bf67-77ca7c51a3fc","urgency":"0"}]


atmb4u [at] gmail [dot] com

Thanks to IanCal, GuyOnTheInterweb, elrac1, iambeard for the super creative suggestions in reddit